Soil Electrical Conductivity (Soil EC) and Gamma Logging

Pro-Tech recently completed a project which consisted of lithologic logging borings to depths of approximately 100 ft bgs. As the borings penetrated multiple water bearing units, surface casings were utilized to prevent co-mingling of waters. The materials encountered and target penetration depths required the utilization of a Geoprobe 8040 class rig.  Pilot borings were made using the 2.25” diameter Soil EC technology to determine soil lithology. Temporary casing (2.25” OD rod package) was driven to Total Depth (TD) which was utilized for deployment of our Gamma Logging wireline tool; the Mt. Sopris Slim-Line gamma probe fits within a ¾” ID rod or pipe.  The Gamma Logs were used as confirmation of the Soil EC logs.

Drop screen groundwater sampling was completed within multiple intervals at each boring location, with surface casings being utilized to prevent co-mingling of waters. All boring locations were cement-bentonite grouted from the bottom-up.

EC HPT Geoprobe